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My name is Daniel Adkins and I have lived in and around Bury St Edmunds for most of my life. Although writing is my passion, my main job is driving a taxi and most of my ideas come to me whilst I am at work. I believe there is something special about travelling which frees our minds to be creative. Should you wish to know more about my books, then please visit

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When Eloise is sent on a business trip to Venice, she is the envy of all her friends. But within twenty-four hours she's drawn into a world of sex, lies and secret societies, which seems to point towards the Vatican.
ISBN: 9781786100252
Published: 6 August 2015
Billy’s life is just awful, far too awful to explain. So when his dog, Darwin, finds a pot of gold at the end of a tunnel, he hasn’t got anything to lose… or has he?
ISBN: 9781786100269
Published: 6 August 2015
Evan only entered his gerbil on a television talent show to stop his Mum and Dad from arguing. But when Freddie goes missing live on-air, he begins to suspect one of the judges is guilty of kidnapping.
ISBN: 9781785109447
Published: 8 July 2015
When a dark change sweeps across his homeland, Nanuk journeys to the North Pole. He's not only seeking Sedna, the Ghost of the Sea, in many ways he's searching for a mother too. But as the Northern Lights lead him on his way, they do more than guide him......
ISBN: 9781784078263
Published: 27 June 2014
Inspired by actual Suffolk ghost stories, such as the Red Barn Murders, the Witchcraft Trials of Matthew Hopkins and the Legends of Borley Rectory. Eighteen year-old Rose is going through the worst week of her life. Her twin sister Scarlett is in a coma, ....
ISBN: 9781784077563
Published: 8 July 2014
As the white whales continue to wash up on the shores of Nunavut, Nanuk is forced on another journey. Swept away to distant lands he desperately searches for his mother...Only she can save Mankind now
ISBN: 9781786100245
Published: 6 August 2015