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Escaping from a relationship that is dead but not buried, Suzy, leaves Chandler's school and takes an exchange teaching job in Auckland, where she meets James, her new partner, also on temporary contract. Committed to promote dancing, they find the school....
ISBN: 9781785101212
Published: 29 September 2014
That first evening at Chandler's, Abby had been spellbound, enraptured by this new world. Sixteen, a naïve teenager who had fallen head over heels in love. First with dancing, and then with the junior dance instructor. Five years later, Abby returns to th....
ISBN: 9781785101229
Published: 29 September 2014
Flying Solo, [Introducing Chandler] Mallory, in her mid forties, bored and unhappy at home, takes a single holiday. Looking for answers, wondering how she can alter her life. And Jack, diabetic, difficult, insecure without her. Appears to like the quiet, ....
ISBN: 9781785101205
Published: 29 September 2014
'I only came round to ask if you could spare someone. I didn't think to be offered the children's entertainer!' said Stuart when crisis hits his home. He is a rich holiday camp owner, a professional musician, and song writer. But he has three young childr....
ISBN: 9781785101236
Published: 29 September 2014