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ABOUT THE AUTHORS Jan Eade is an ex-nurse who lives in West Sussex by the sea. She is the mother of Jamie and Jessica. Jan sketches in her spare time and writes poetry as a means of expression. She is also a doll’s house enthusiast. Helen Billett, is a close friend of Jan and an ex-nurse. She is the wife of Mike and mother of Sonia and Jenny. Her main hobbies are sewing and art history. Helen was born in Australia but has lived in England since her marriage in the 1960s; she lives on the coast in Dorset.

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When King Clive decreed that all the people in the land were invited to a Christmas party, young Prince Jude and his sisters were charged with hunting to provide the food for the feast. It was when they discovered that all the animals had disappeared and ....
ISBN: 9781785103643
Published: 3 December 2014
A telling and poignant story is revealed in a series of emails between Helen Billett and Jan Eade whose 40 year old son, Jamie, a sound engineer living in Thailand died in 2009.Their correspondence shows how Jamie and his family coped, as they were faced ....
ISBN: 9781784079499
Published: 4 August 2014
Halloween at Grandma's, an illustrated poem to delight and entertain children. It was Halloween night at Grandma’s, The sky was as black as pitch, Something flew by the window, And it looked very much like a witch.
ISBN: 9781785101366
Published: 17 October 2014
The quirky and heartfelt poems in this book, offer a revealing insight into how the author has managed the ups and downs of life. Whether happy, sad, or poignant and often with an added touch of humour, these poems will reach out to you in this little gem....
ISBN: 9781839458088
Published: 2 March 2021
This story started life during the floods of 2013, as a bit of fun with Jan's brother who lives on the edge of the Somerset Levels. It grew from there as her sister, who is well-known for her prowess with a dowsing rod, was preparing to move house. There ....
ISBN: 9781786971180
Published: 28 June 2016