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The author is a twenty-nine years old lady who lives in London and has recently published a book called 'The Sky that Falls.' 'The Sky that Falls' is a collection of forty poems divided of sestinas, pantoums, sonnets and villanelles. The poetry book was inspired by poems written by the likes of Dylan Thomas and John Ashbery. The author teaches at a writer's workshop every Sundays where she also teaches poetry. Her own writing workshops is what inspired the author to write a poetry book. It was there that she taught the pantoums and villanelles of John Ashbery and Dylan Thomas.

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The book is a collection of forty poems that are divided into four groups of poetic forms. The forms include villanelles, sestinas, pantoums and sonnets. Every poem tells a story and some of the poetry narrate more optimistic tales while other poems explo....
ISBN: 9781784077754
Published: 10 June 2014
The Valley that Calls is a collection of one hundred and twenty poems divided into sestinas, villanelles, pantoums and sonnets. The poetry uncovers extraordinary themes including through an exploration of nature and a narration of personal tales. Not only....
ISBN: 9781785100857
Published: 17 September 2014