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Liz left a management career in London two years ago in order to pursue long-standing passions for genealogy and writing. A few years ago, she obtained a degree certificate for Creative Writing through the University of Kent, and this is her first book. She has successfully managed to trace a line of her own family back through the ages to the 11th century, and having pursued a career in what was previously a male domain, is particularly interested in highlighting what our female ancestresses of yesterday experienced. Also fascinated by our connection to each other, she has used this book as an opportunity to reflect upon these realities.

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So many of us have a yearning to know all we can about our ancestry roots. This is demonstrated by the popularity of television programmes such as, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Enthusiasm on the subject of family history has rarely been higher and ‘Amazing....
ISBN: 9781785101380
Published: 8 October 2014