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Chris-Jean Clarke grew up in the West-Midlands (UK), but now resides in South Staffordshire (UK) with her husband, Geoff and children, Nathan and Kyrsten. Prior to giving birth to her two beautiful children, Chris-Jean worked for twenty years with people with learning and physical disabilities. She studied the art of writing children’s stories @The Writing School, Oxford Open Learning. She has recently renamed 'Beth's Style Change' to 'To Dye For!' & has amalgamated it into a book of speedy reads. This book will shortly be available to purchase as an e-book via or the major on-line markets, such as Amazon & GooglePlay, etc. or as a paperback direct from Chris-Jean is also in the throes of developing a historical fiction story based on a child's viewpoint of WW2. Unlike many of the other stories written in this genre it not only focuses on the children who were evacuated during this period, but it also incorporates the elderly, infirm and mothers with children under five years of age. Last but definitely not least, Chris-Jean donates stories & poems to the Peacock Writers to benefit various charities. She does not publish this work in any other form. Chris-Jean's stories have been written in UK English and edited by Valerie Byron: Cover art is courtesy of Laszlo Kugler:

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A compilation of short stories to enjoy whenever you have a few minutes to spare. - Whether you are waiting for public transport, waiting for tea to cook, just settled your children to sleep or soaking in the bath tub, these are just for you.
ISBN: 9781786102409
Published: 20 October 2015