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The author joined his family company immediately after obtaining his degree in Modern Lagnguages from Cambridge University. For twenty years he was active in international trading specialising in importing ivory tusks from Africa to supply raw materials for artisans and manufacturers in Europe, America, India and the Far East. He travelled the world estensively in this profession and in 1988 moved with his family to South Africa in order to be closer to legitimate sources of supply. The Enivironmental movement had become very influential and, despite sound scientific arguments, the trade in ivory was banned internationally in late 1989. Since then he has worked variously as a business consultant, a tour operator and tourist guide and a courier, living in Africa and back in England. A prebious novel 'Dilemma' appeared under the name Simon De Falthier.

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When a research student in Africa believes he has made a major medical advance, a miracle remedy for one of the world’s most feared diseases that could save millions of lives, he and his colleagues assume this will be welcome news to all. Instead they are....
ISBN: 9781781762202
Published: 10 April 2012
Charles Peeters returns to Europe from his African adventures to discover that his ruthless older brother has taken control of the family business. Powerless to protect his birthright, he embarks on a career in international trade. Backed by financier Jam....
ISBN: 9781781761540
Published: 28 March 2012