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We are all born equal, we all start off and end with the same opportunities in life, the question is how do we grasp them when we don't even know they are there, this is why i wrote Path to the Perfect life, you see i wanted answers too and i needed to know that you could just change as a person both on the outside and within. Most people either don’t believe that statement or don’t recognize the power they posses. I plainly wrote the book to prove to myself i could do it and because i had a flair for the information i was being presented with through the numerous courses and tapes, seminars and subliminal. It really does work we just need to believe it with all our hearts. Anyway i previously released the book back in 2009 and to be honest it did not do as well as i had hoped, so i decided to once again take a look at it, read it through several times and finally it dawned on me, the information was priceless but the wording was garbage. I have since reproduced it and totally reworded some parts of it, along with some much needed updates for 2014. I hope you enjoy reading and may it bring you all the successes you want in your life as it has mine...

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Have you ever wondered why some people have all the luck and others are doomed to a life of negative situations. This book helps change your perspective on life and its so called problems and once finished i guarantee you will look at every situation from....
ISBN: 9781784079956
Published: 27 August 2014