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I was born in Chester in 1963 and have always had a fascination for all things Roman. After leaving the RAF in 2005, after 25 years, I decided to put my passion into writing and began Blood of Rome: Caratacus, which I intend to be the first book in the Blood of Rome Chronicles, if people enjoy my story and writing. Blood of Rome: Caratacus tells the story of one man's fight against the might of Rome, as he defies the invasion and tries to unify the Britons in AD43. Caratacus fought the invaders far longer than Boudicca and is a person who I feel should be celebrated equally but is hardly known by most people. I sincerely hope you enjoy my stories which are based as closely as possible on historical fact. Best Regards John

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Blood of Rome: Caratacus is the compelling story of the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43, told from both perspectives. It is the first book in the Blood of Rome series that will take the reader back in time, where they will experience Britannia at war a....
ISBN: 9781784070212
Published: 27 September 2013