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I grew up in suburban Detroit, Michigan. Just before my 18th birthday I went away to college, and I met my future husband there. My first career was as a public school music teacher in Peoria, Illinois. Later, my husband and I moved back to Michigan, where we raised our children. Some people tell me I should not disclose my age, because readers (and agents, and publishers) might not want to take a chance on a "new" writer aged 63. But the fact is, my younger self could not have written the way I do now. Also, I no longer feel that I have anything to prove. My life has been full of twists and turns, some of them certainly my own fault and others the product of circumstances. In 2009 I moved to the United Arab Emirates, where I'm an administrator at a university. When I was hired, I didn't even have a passport and had never traveled further than Hawaii. It's been an education in many ways, and has changed the way I look at the world. I've loved writing all my life, but only recently have I devoted time to it. I have won a few minor contests and had a piece published in a local magazine. Shortly after arriving in 2009, I formed a writing "group" with only one other writer. We are still a small group, and all the other members have published more than one book, making me the "junior" member. I am indebted to the Abu Dhabi Writers' Circle for their thoughtful critiques.

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These are short stories loosely inspired by life experiences, with a dash of fantasy and sci-fi. My stories start in 1960s America and continue through marriage, motherhood, divorce, loss, becoming an expatriate, and the eventual move back to what may no ....
ISBN: 9781785102646
Published: 12 November 2014