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As the daughter of a local fisherman, Kyna is used to boats of all types coming into Edgedock, but even she is amazed at the size of the ship that comes from the mysterious island of Baile. Under a string of strange circumstances, Kyna finds herself aboar....
ISBN: 9781785101892
Published: 23 October 2014
'The Island Trinity' is a fast-paced, magical fantasy adventure describing the journey of Eron, Kyna and Nanae as they seek to restore the lost powers that protect three mysterious islands. 'A Palace of Pearl' is the second instalment of the series, follo....
ISBN: 9781786102072
Published: 12 October 2015
Hannah Kellan can't wait go to university and say goodbye to her hometown, her school and, most importantly, her cheating ex. However, her clean break is ruined when she finds out that one of her new housemates is none other than Alex, childhood playmate ....
ISBN: 9781785106521
Published: 3 April 2015