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Do you ever really know someone? Lauren thought she knew Alex. Her husbands best friend and the man she had been having an affair with for six months, but when she breaks the affair off Alex changes into someone completely unknown to her. Can Lauren's mar....
ISBN: 9781785105951
Published: 3 March 2015
For Ellie and Jennifer it was love at first sight and they are looking forward to the future when Ellie is given devastating news that will change both their lives forever. How will they cope when the future they had planned together is altered beyond rec....
ISBN: 9781785101595
Published: 9 October 2014
Can Jennifer find love again? In the sequel to Last Dance of the Heart, Jennifer is still mourning the loss of her last love when Chloe enters her life and brings alive feelings that Jennifer thought she would never experience again. Chloe, a fun loving, ....
ISBN: 9781786101273
Published: 11 September 2015
In October 2013 I donated one of my kidneys to my sister-in-law, who had been in renal failure since March 2007. I first offered to donate back in 2007 and several times more over the next few years but she wouldn't get me tested as she was afraid of what....
ISBN: 9781785101960
Published: 23 October 2014