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Angus has a new friend. His name is BoomKa and he is different from anyone Angus has ever met before. For a start he looks like a giant, electric blueberry. He can change shape and disguise himself as anything around him and travel anywhere he wants to. B....
ISBN: 9781785104213
Published: 16 December 2014
Some people are born with adventure coursing through their veins, they are excited by danger and would rather chop off their feet than walk the path well trodden. Boston Mcleash is not one of those people. He dreams of nothing more than spending his days,....
ISBN: 9781785103247
Published: 25 November 2014
Bellamy Drake is on the adventure of a lifetime, he would have preferred a quiet holiday messing about on the beach, but his Dad had other ideas. This year, the Drake family are spending their holiday searching the hot Mexican jungle for a lost temple and....
ISBN: 9781785107863
Published: 11 May 2015