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‘John Wood was born in Halifax, Yorkshire. He graduated from London University in mathematics and worked for some years as a college lecturer. However, his love of the written and spoken word never left him and he gradually became involved in the world of theatre. John has written many plays and short stories. He has now decided to devote more time to writing and has set this story in his beloved Dorset - an area in which he still lives. He divides his time between Marbella in Spain and Sherborne.'

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Inspector Loveluck’s wife, Angie, took her own life after several difficult years of marriage. Now, six years later, new evidence has come to light suggesting that it wasn’t suicide. It was murder. Loveluck is arrested, suspended from duty and barred from....
ISBN: 9781786971456
Published: 7 July 2016
A society wedding in Sherborne Abbey is interrupted when the organist is found murdered in the organ loft. The finger of suspicion is pointed at the mysterious ‘Lady in Blue’. Inspector Loveluck and his team uncover a huge fraud, involving not only the we....
ISBN: 9781785104619
Published: 2 November 2015
When three bodies are discovered in hotel bedrooms, Inspector Loveluck begins a complicated investigation which involves pagan rituals and the secrets of a dynasty and its inheritance. When the ‘Psychic Fair and Witches Exhibition’ rolls into Sherborne br....
ISBN: 9781786106223
Published: 30 December 2015
In his latest book, The Barwick Folly Murders Detective Chief Inspector Loveluck is confronted with a gruesome murder at the the Fish Tower. The murder victim is identified as a London hit man and Loveluck realises he is up against dangerous people. The i....
ISBN: 9781786978318
Published: 29 May 2017