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Amanda Darcy lives and writes in the south of England. She enjoys reading and writing fast-moving thrillers with twists and turns, often exploring how conicidence and fate can change the paths of the characters' lives. Her first novel, "The Curious Prophecy of Birds" is available now in print and e-versions. Some reviews on Amazon for "The Curious Prophecy of Birds" "Wonderful book, really enjoyed this gripping mystery. The characters come to life as you read and the story is very intriguing. I couldn't put this down towards the end really good read. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good story with strong characters." "A gripping and involving story, the web of important snippets rewards careful reading. Mythology, mystery and a well crafted island setting provide an intriguing backdrop for the convincing and well drawn characters." "A new master/mistress of mystery thrillers"

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On a remote Scottish island, the arrival of a strange flock of birds is a harbinger of evil, murder, mystery and revenge. This fast-paced thriller weaves a path of suspense and intrigue through the past and the present. Different lives collide, drawn toge....
ISBN: 9781785102455
Published: 5 November 2014