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V.P.Tresor is the pen name of the author. If you think 'V-P Treasury', you should get a clue to whodunnit (but you could be mistaken). The author has spent years as a business school academic battling against the fallacies of Finance from the inside. Now he (or she) is released from this to tell the story of folly that led to the financial crash. It is folly and slack systems that allow greed and corruption to flourish - where people who should know better ignore obvious warning signs and everyone pats themselves on the back that all is well. Anyway, that's enough about me.

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Business School Dean, Henry Longman, lay dead on the concrete paving five floors below his office close to the heart of the world’s financial centre. The greatest financial crash for almost 100 years was just months away. Had he jumped or was he pushed? I....
ISBN: 9781781762905
Published: 2 May 2012