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My published works Fiction and Non-Fiction are the combination of a lifetimes interest in a number of fields of work both professional and amateur. My inspiration has come from many, past friends, relatives and authors. My biggest inspiration has come from in particular two special and unique late friends: Raymond Selkirk Amateur Archaeologist who after a life time of interest in the subject got his B.A (Hons) in his sixties and wrote two important works: 'The Peacebridge Formula' and 'On the Trail of the Legions.' and Brian Unwin Journalist, amateur Naturalist and well known Ornithologist who was working on a book in his final days, the friend who first introduced me to bird watching in the 1960s. Personally I have studied, Archaeology, Biblical Studies and Community Education at the following Institutions: The University of Edinburgh UK., The University of Sunderland UK., The University of Sheffield UK., Trinity Theological Seminary USA., The Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary USA., The Trinity School of Apologetics India., Qualifications: Diploma in Community Education., B.A.(Hons) Community Education., M.A. Biblical Studies., PhD. Pastoral Ministries., Certificate in Archaeology., Diploma Master of Biblical Archaeology.,

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This booklet is a handy guide to the abbey and priory remains that can be visited in the County of Leicestershire. It gives full directions of how to locate the sites and details what on site facilities there are. What structural remains can be seen are d....
ISBN: 9781785104268
Published: 23 December 2014
A Guide Book describing the Pre-Reformation Monastic House Sites that can still be visited in the County of Lincolnshire. It gives details of location, access, and on-site facilities. Structural remain are described along with a brief history of the site.....
ISBN: 9781785104350
Published: 6 January 2015
This booklet is a handy guide to the abbey and priory remains that can be visited in Nottinghamshire. Also included is an overview of the monastic way of life. The author Dr Robert Tansey has spent a life-time studying theology, archaeology and history.
ISBN: 9781786103918
Published: 7 December 2015