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This is my second book, detailing the latter part of Alfred's incredible life. Originally, I planned this be available late 2015, I hope. What happens after that may well depend how popular books one and two are, so .... spread the word. I am a little over 50 and earn a living teaching English in the middle of the Czech Republic, where I live in a house in a sleepy village with my wonderful wife and super son. I've been here quite a while now, after teaching in a few other European countries and doing lots of other various jobs in England and also abroad. When I have a little time I also enjoy the veg garden and preparing wood for the winter fire, plus I have a couple of bonsais. I grew up mainly in Cambridgeshire in eastern England, mostly on the family farm, with numerous brothers and sisters. I was inspired to write this book by Bernard Cornwell's fab Warrior series and originally thought to give him the idea to write this story through the eyes of the monarchs but he cannot accept story ideas, plus I had an operation which meant I couldn't walk anywhere for a couple of weeks so this, after doing a writing course online, is how I filled the time. I hope you enjoy reading the book half as much as I did writing it, because if you do you have a treat in store. If you have any comments you can find my email address at the end of the book. Roger

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This is essentially a true story. Written through Alfred's eyes in a story never told before, go back to the 9th century to re-live battles with the Danes (better known as Vikings), a fight that started with his grandfather, and discover just how close th....
ISBN: 9781785103889
Published: 4 December 2014
Alfred is best remembered for burning the cakes, though that very possibly never happened. What did happen in the 9th century was the marauding, murdering Vikings, whose raids and invasions changed forever not only the British Isles but most of coastal Eu....
ISBN: 9781839450273
Published: 7 October 2019
From betrayal and exile in the swamp to victory and glory, sweeping aside all who opposed him with regal ruthlessness while spreading the word of God and practising magnanimity.In between times, forcing through a process of learning, updating the military....
ISBN: 9781839450280
Published: 7 October 2019
Serious editing error now removed. Alfred also didn't get it right the first time, which is why the beginning of Part Two of the story finds him and a few followers hiding from the marauding heathens in the miserable Somerset marshes. This all happened a ....
ISBN: 9781788769662
Published: 8 August 2019
Finally, Part 2 of Alfred's life, in which he literally emerges from the swamps to reign supreme, then embarks on a total revolution of Saxon life, creating the building blocks that became England
ISBN: 9781788769082
Published: 20 June 2019