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K.O. Lofton is a business professional and freelance writer. While growing up in her hometown of Memphis, TN, she always exercised a highly creative side that included playing the piano, violin, and acting in the local children's theater. She produced her first multi-media project at the age of ten as part of an ancillary class assignment, and later won a t-shirt campaign contest at age 11 for the same school. Consequently, writing stories came naturally to her. In 2004, Kathy's passion for writing led her to enter Samsung Electronics' national "Hope for Education" essay contest. She hailed as a first-prize winner for her region, and an elementary school at which she volunteered received $10,000 worth of Samsung equipment. Lofton's work has been featured in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis' primary newspaper, and as a former contributing writer for an ethnic women's publication, Grace Magazine. For years she wrote poems and short stories that were hidden way, and decided later in life that she would fulfill her dream of becoming a published author. Kathy is a graduate of the University of Memphis (BBA), Union University (MBA), and the City University of New York, Baruch College of Public Affairs (MPA). Her hobbies include photography and collecting magnets.

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In a society full of peer pressure and lost innocence among youth, Kandler's First Kiss revisits the wholesomeness of growing up while being labeled as socially, physically or spiritually different. Author K.O. Lofton cleverly uses satire, biblical analog....
ISBN: 9781785103759
Published: 4 December 2014