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Peter's first novel - The Wendlebury Token - is an intriguing treasure hunt, set in England, in 1982. A sibling rivalry explodes as a stolen notebook exposes a 200-year-old secret. Peter wrote the book as a highly-accessible, entertaining escape - a book he would enjoy reading on holiday. Readers have described it as a 'real page turner' and like Dan Brown, but with more shagging! So, Dan Brown meets Jilly Cooper describes it well. His second book, due to be published in Summer 2015, explores the new-to-Peter genre of crime. Parsifal is the title of a dark plot which sees a serial killer on the loose in the town of Somerton Moreley. Five murders are planned, tensions are riding high and DCI Parsifal Kitten has to maintain the loyalty and discipline of his officers as they attempt to expose the murderer. Peter lives in Cambridgeshire.

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A sibling rivalry explodes when a secret notebook is stolen. Unable to take her secret to the grave, Dorothy Bridport re-kindles a 200-year-old treasure hunt. Her two sons, David and Gareth, are flung into mental combat with each other to first find and t....
ISBN: 9781785104909
Published: 27 January 2015