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I was brought up in Hampshire later living in London to complete my studies and start earning my living as an Accountant. Later,in a career change to a College Lecturer I taught a wide range of study areas. My interests have always included 'communication' issues. I find writing about people far more rewarding than say, things or places. We live in a bewildering world made all the more testing by our own self mixtures of complexities. But I do believe we do a good job asserting our individualities, developing our aspirations and sharing successes as well as failures. When I'm not writing I'm thinking about everything around us. There to enjoy and sustain for those who come after us. I love it where I am. I hope you do wherever you are. Outside interests included working in several Media services ; reading material, TV and Radio with detailed interest in Astrology.

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Two people at different ends of life's spectrums . One, Amy, a young child in an orphanage the other a wealthy business man Richard, nearly at the top of his career. They both have a few issues in common. Amy abandoned by her mother at birth was adopted b....
ISBN: 9781788764858
Published: 23 August 2018
The Author delves the depths of physical, emotional and psychological consequences of two sisters who, during their childhoods were subjected to sexual, verbal and general abuse ; one by her father, the other from her mother. Hurt, hate and revenge are ce....
ISBN: 9781785107702
Published: 7 May 2015