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Following her mother's dying revelation, Kirsty's life is about to unravel. Shocked to learn that her father is not Rick, the man serving time for armed robbery whom she hates and fears, but a wealthy accountant named David, she seeks him out.Desperate to....
ISBN: 9781785107672
Published: 7 May 2015
Dawn, a woman unfulfilled and living her life vicariously through her sister, has found a way to come to terms with her lot, investing all her energy into maintaining the close family ties – strong bonds that are complex and not how they appear to others.....
ISBN: 9781839454837
Published: 5 October 2020
Penniless and with no direction in his life, Jamie returns to Shellcombe Bay – a popular tourist resort on the east coast of England – after being named as a beneficiary in his uncle’s will.It is seven years since his hasty departure, following the tragic....
ISBN: 9781803020266
Published: 18 June 2021
A lightning romance and swiftly arranged marriage takes Holly up north to live at the heart of Nathan's family business - a luxurious log-cabin park on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. She has everything to look forward to, but within days her happiness i....
ISBN: 9781788763721
Published: 30 May 2018
No ordinary affair. This streamlined new edition of Taking Chances is an action-packed story of infidelity and its shocking repercussions. A stroke of good fortune sees Mike Braedon become a wealthy man overnight. With a future full of promise, he realise....
ISBN: 9781803022437
Published: 11 November 2021