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The essence of living is to enjoy each moment unchained to the past or a defined future. It is not that you negate the past or never plan for the future but there are times when you should abandon yourself to the ‘NOW’. I’m like a Sybarite - my brain is hard-wired into my sensory perceptions. Each touch of my fingers on the soft flesh of my love brings exquisite pleasure; the thrill of texture and smoothness; of moisture and movement, to caress – to be caressed, is happiness beyond compare. This is my heaven and I want no more – immortality does not attract or concern me for I cannot conceive of an existence without my body; without its senses, without taste, without art, music and love, and the perfumes of life and the richness derived from them. Peter Lay

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Fragments is a collection of poems and extracts from a story about Ellie, a woman broken by life and mental illness and her journey towards recovery.
ISBN: 9781786979049
Published: 9 August 2017
Melange a miscellany or mixture with some extracts from the story of Joshua Garvie, an eighteenth century adventurer, and childhood memories from Don’s autobiography interspersed with poetry and other stories, this book gives you a good flavour of the wri....
ISBN: 9781786979612
Published: 23 August 2017
Michelle Hibberd loves writing and the Gloucestershire countryside. She has written many stories and poems over the years. This lovely book of poems, ’My World’ is her first published book, it is split into seven sections, including Colours, Countryside a....
ISBN: 9781786978561
Published: 22 June 2017
A collection of songs, poems and other writings of mine, plus a couple of other connected pieces, covering a period from 1969 to 2015
ISBN: 9781786109255
Published: 26 April 2016
Alison Joyner and her family have lived in Brockworth, Gloucestershire throughout her life. She loves the Gloucestershire countryside and her poetry tends to reflect that. Her hobbies include creative writing and her stories come from a fresh perspective ....
ISBN: 9781788760058
Published: 21 September 2017