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John Hicks is the published author of two non-fiction memoirs - 'Pizzles in Paradise' and 'A Wander in Vetland' - which hinge mostly on his experiences as a veterinary surgeon in England and New Zealand. He has also published veterinary articles in magazines and was, for several years, a columnist for the Southland Times newspaper. 'She Bid Me Take Love Easy' is, essentially, an English novel and a complete departure from his earlier books. His empathy for his protagonists, Frederick Lugard and Daniel Page, is deeply rooted in his own English, public school education - one which both these men shared. It is an exploration of the consequences a strict, single sex upbringing can have on men’s subsequent relationships with women

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John Hicks is an English trained vet who has spent much of his working life in rural New Zealand. On one level A Wander in Vetland is an insider’s look at his changing profession. Hicks's entertaining anecdotes mark a fond farewell to “Herriotism”: the da....
ISBN: 9781786101570
Published: 23 September 2015
Pizzles in Paradise is well-known Southland vet John Hicks's collection of anecdotes from more than 30 years of tending to bird, beast and pet-owner. It ranges from the wilds of New Zealand to the Yorkshire Dales, from the Scottish Highlands to the fjords....
ISBN: 9781786973627
Published: 12 October 2016
Daniel Page, a sexually naïve young man, is disturbed by the shifting standards of morality he encounters at university in the swinging 60s. He becomes infatuated with Angela Hartland, a sensuous, liberated medical student; but she, alarmed by the depth o....
ISBN: 9781785107900
Published: 11 May 2015