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Ron James is an artist, musician and energy worker. He is the creator of BLISS-ENERGETICS energy healing which is a beautiful system of healing, bliss and release that can have a profound impact not just on our sex life but can also bring about a positive change in all aspects of our everyday lives. For those interested in learning to become multi-inner-orgasmic and experience full body energetic orgasm the E.O.M meditation can take us into blissful depths as we learn to swim in the sea of ecstasy and become fully orgasmic beings....

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Energy Orgasm - Awaken Your Inner Bliss is a powerful and profound way to enter into deep ecstasy and healing. Written in a down to earth, practical manner and containing many techniques and exercises to help awaken our energetic and orgasmic potential wh....
ISBN: 9781785107078
Published: 21 April 2015