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Father of four and teacher of teenagers, Gareth has trained (badly) in various martial arts over the years and now enjoys the less painful pastimes of racquet sports, writing courses and critiques. Oh – family life is pretty good too! Gareth has been writing fiction as a hobby for nearly thirty years. In November 2007, he printed the first 500 copies of his Y/A supernatural action novel JASON WILLOW. The (UK) School Librarian Association said “This exciting first novel is not for the faint hearted with menacing locations and action descriptions. …Issues of bullying, violence, family loyalties, friendships and the battle between good and evil make this a fairly complex but exceedingly hard to put down novel…”(School Librarian Magazine, Summer2008) Following other positive and constructive editorial advice from a number of other sources, he worked on a shorter 2nd edition which was printed in 2009 after the 1st edition sold out. He is aiming to release Jason Willow II – My Enemy’s Enemy in summer 2012. Gareth is also working on a children’s picture book full of adventure, giants and magic – release in 2012. You can catch up with the latest developments and thoughts at and info on the book such as a fantasy film cast and photo locations are at

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What if vampires and werewolves were just a cover story for something much worse?Jason Willow has taken his first steps into a secret, terrifying world of demons and possession and only escaped with his life because others gave theirs. Now, with his power....
ISBN: 9781782990727
Published: 20 December 2012