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Writing is in my blood! To form a work of expression or prose takes a lot of effort. Whilst writing a story it is necessary to become at one with the characters - I therefore become a 'literal actor' if you will. Three novels are to be found here; the first - Dark Roast, set in Kenya, is about a coffee importer, Jacob Larnson, who gets caught up with the wrong crowd and flees the drug barons and the law. The sequel - Larnson's Luck, continues to follow Jacob and his new wife who uncover a web of human trafficking and exploitation. I have enjoyed writing and researching these books - including checking out actual locations in Morocco, Kenya and Majorca. OPERATION: PARADISE is a hard-hitting action-packed thriller set in the near future. It puts a whole new twist on the serious nature of worldwide terrorism, sheds light on governmental conspiracies and exposes the confused state of the World's political powers. Enjoy.

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Jacob Larnson operates a successful coffee plantation in Kenya, but when he and his business partner strike a new deal, they get far more than they bargained for. This tale of love, corruption and murder takes us through some of Africa's most beautiful re....
ISBN: 9781782999799
Published: 23 September 2013
In Larnson's Luck - the sequel to dark roast, Jacob and Leona are happily enjoying a romantic honeymoon, oblivious to the troubles soon to haunt them. With a truly multinational theme, Larnson's Luck takes you on a voyage of passion, deceit and kidnapping....
ISBN: 9781784070663
Published: 14 October 2013
Following two devastating terrorist attacks, bomb disposal expert Douglas Greer joins an elite team of men, who risk their lives in a desperate quest for the truth. Doug is torn between his marriage and the mission - yet without him, the mission to save t....
ISBN: 9781784074494
Published: 27 February 2014