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Stephanie Wesson was born in Melrose, Scotland, and from an early age she has been aware of the world of Lunartimis. The first character came to her when she was three years old, Eyeda an Ice-Cat Cryptaloid. She first appeared as a cat then later as a human, it was then that Stephie realized she was dealing with something very special. Stephie began drawing and writing short stories about these beings. The novel Lupine Lights has been three years in creation and she is absolutely delighted that it has been published! Stephie primarily drew these characters until she mastered English and began writing the novel Lupine Lights. She is a Fantasy Artiste and Author, and more artwork of her characters can be seen at She has over 300 such characters now at the age of 21, soon to be 22 on the 28th August! She would like to say thank you to all who have seen her vision! including the wonderful FeedARead team.

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Set in the stunning world of Lunartimis, we follow the story of the Cryptaloids.War has been raging between the humans and the Cryptaloids for millenia, however one such wise one dreams of a peaceful existence. But can his dream be realized?The author has....
ISBN: 9781785109195
Published: 30 June 2015
Follow these highly descriptive short stories about the charming characters of Duality! Including some of the best loved characters and some new members of the cast! Be transported into a beautiful and unique world of the Cryptaloids
ISBN: 9781785109850
Published: 21 July 2015