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Gari Laban's first love was not writing, it was his kindergarten teacher Sonia Intac, who didn't really turn him down but reality-slapped him that she'd be gray and ugly by the time he was old enough to handle her. Fifteen years later he confirmed this to be true, but only the graying part. The craft was not even his second. Because it was a third grade transferee named Cielo Echem. It's his third love, give or take, if Christine Garcia is to be totally discredited. He is currently co-leasing a space in the not-so-peaceful, not-so-fictional Village of Peace, somewhere in the vast highlands of Antipolo. Sharing his load are a couple of bisexual cats, an occasionally loyal mongrel called Chowder, and two younger brothers who eat video games for breakfast. Since everyone should have a hobby, his include, but are not limited to: adventures in general (Hiking, camping, beach-related gambols, random strolls at random venues, Christmas parties that exempt him from all manner of parlor gaming, reaching out to H.R peeps, etc.), 'Anything Goes' martial arts, any event that involves the use of a videoke machine, cracking mysteries, and admiring Bambi-eyed girls who suck at playing damsel in distress. He is mostly the wide reader during long blackouts.

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Purgatory is starting to swell with bad things, so bad in fact that the mighty Order tasked to keep things in line are struggling. As fortresses fall and the darkness creeps closer to Earth’s boundary, an old, uneasy alliance must reunite to save the day,....
ISBN: 9781785109782
Published: 21 July 2015