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This is a tale of secrets, deception and honour which begins in 1978 in Edinburgh where Daniel Mackenzie, Francoise Laforesterie’s teenage grandson, tries to piece together his family history. His mother, Margo Mackenzie has told him that his French grand....
ISBN: 9781781762578
Published: 20 April 2012
When Daniel Mackenzie was ten he found, hidden in his mother’s wardrobe a photograph of a beautiful girl, signed Françoise. His mother, Margo reluctantly tells him that the girl is his half French, half English grandmother. Françoise, a nineteen year old ....
ISBN: 9781781762578
Published: 27 September 2013
When Flora MacDonald jumps from the balcony of an Edinburgh reform school she falls, literally into the arms of Andrew Stewart, a sailor on leave at the outbreak of WW2. They fall in love but the tides of war separate them and Flora, in desperate trouble,....
ISBN: 9781781761700
Published: 28 March 2012