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I am a writer and have been since I can remember, however family life has unintentionally put my writing on the back burner. Being a wife and mum to my two sons, the youngest of which has Autism has taken priority. Writing has always been there for me, it is part of who I am and I am now ready to take the step that brings me closer to my dream of becoming a "writer". With this in mind and my experiences of Autism (an area I am extremely passionate about) along with other areas I have worked in (assessing, lecturing, child care and hairdressing) I feel I have a lot to offer and am prepared to work to achieve my goal. There are many genres that I like to write, fantasy being one of my favourites and which I am very passionate about, for adults and children. Crime, thriller, horror, and suspense are also favourites of mine and I like to try my hand at all of them.

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A story of magic and adventure, friendship and family, deceit and treachery... The realm is in turmoil, the creatures of the land don't know which way to turn. Is the bond of friendship strong enough to overcome what looms ahead, like a darkness that thre....
ISBN: 9781786100009
Published: 29 July 2015