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I have been writing creatively since 2006 when at a summer school with my family I wrote a short radio play. That led to a novel, some more courses, more novels, each better than the last until I took an MA at Sheffield Hallam and realised you needed to edit, edit and then edit some more. The result was my first published book, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle, in 2014. I once was a lawyer; I am now a writer. When I'm not writing and thinking about writing, I'm blogging (which is a sort of writing at; I cook, I walk, I read (but not enough) and I walk some more. The dog approves of my career choices. More novels are in the pipeline so watch out in 2015 and beyond.

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With their relationship under pressure, is adopting a dog the best decision for Mervin and Landen? As they adapt to fit the animal into their busy lives a chance encounter with Dave and Sheri, the dog’s previous owners, develops into something more and th....
ISBN: 9781786978660
Published: 23 June 2017
It’s summer 1976 and hotter than HadesHarry Spittle, nineteen, is home from university, aiming to earn some money to go on holiday and maybe get laid. He expects he will be bored rigid, but the appearance of old family friend, Charlie Jepson, his psychopa....
ISBN: 9781786979773
Published: 30 August 2017
Life is fast, life is short. In a series of short fiction pieces, most under 500 words, explore the world, its inhabitants and their trials and tribulations, their ups and downs and sideways shifts, all with humour and decent grammar. You'll find somethin....
ISBN: 9781788761130
Published: 16 November 2017
These 30 short stories are a mixture of genres and points of view: they cover horror, espionage, through thrillers, humour, romance and MG. There is something for everyone. They were written in a month, one a day, approximately 1667 words each. They can b....
ISBN: 9781788761031
Published: 9 November 2017
When British freelancer Maurice Oldham saves American scientist Lori-Ann Beaumont from a pack of journalists at a ProLife conference in San Francisco, neither expects to see the other again. But six months on, Lori-Ann is on Maurice’s doorstep, bruised, p....
ISBN: 9781786100030
Published: 22 June 2017
Salisbury Square Jerzy Komaza is adept at turning a blind eye. He has allowed his father’s beatings of his sister, Maria, to continue for years. Yet one hot summer day he finally snaps, and it is Maria who sends him away from their home in Białystok in ru....
ISBN: 9781786972132
Published: 22 June 2017