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Too many books, too many thoughts, not enough hours! Pippa Shaw has played with words, ideas and stories for many years and recently was spurred to start sharing her writings with others. Her thinking is largely taken up with thoughts of how the world works and of religion, primarily Christianity. Her writings, both fiction and non-fiction, explore those ideas and try to find and present hope, joy and goodness. She has recently published "Yeshua is dead...", a collection of six novellas each dealing with one person who was involved in the events surrounding Jesus’ death. She recently moved to Australia with her husband, and she is working on a second novel.

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“Come! Come quickly! He’s been arrested.” Five days ago, Yeshua of Nazerat arrived like the long-awaited king and they thought that he would take charge, bring in a new order and return the land to its former glory. Each of them thought that they understo....
ISBN: 9781786977083
Published: 9 March 2017