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Richard Cudlow grew up in Croydon of the 1950’s and attended Croydon’s millennium celebrations in 1957 along with most schoolchildren at the time. He attended Archbishop Tenison’s Grammar School both before and after its move from South Croydon to its present site at Selbourne Road. An interest in aircraft and the Royal Air Force culminated in him joining the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice, known in the Service as a 'Trenchard Brat'. He served for twelve years and worked on such diverse aircraft as Victor and Vulcan ‘V’ Bombers, Lightning Interceptors, Hawker Hunters, Beverley Transporters and Andovers of the Queen’s Flight at RAF Abingdon. With a young family to support Richard felt the pull of civvy street and spent the rest of his working life in business management and the building industry. He developed his love of writing when he used to make up stories for his children but only settled down to it seriously with early retirement and the love and support of his wife, Sue. Richard is currently producing a series of books about Jill Bennett, the best detective that the Met never had. In a world before the infestation of political correctness, and before computers, mobile phones and the internet, Jill has to prove herself over and over again. Richard has a website,, where more information can be found. Especially about his family tree which he has traced back to 498 AD. As he says, being able to trace back so far has meant surprise, intrigue and not a little embarrassment. It means that you have to be prepared to forgive your ancestors the hope that your descendants will do the same.

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A cold-blooded murder, in a disused warehouse in Mitcham, brings unprecedented death and corruption to Croydon...and love to Jill Bennett.Lieutenant Joe Bridges, an American exchange officer studying British police methods with Croydon CID, is quick to re....
ISBN: 9781786107367
Published: 10 February 2016
All her life WPC Jill Bennett has wanted to be a detective.But this is 1960 and in Z Division of the Metropolitan Police, before the infestation of political correctness, Superintendent Mahoney will have no female officer on the permanent strength of CID.....
ISBN: 9781786102751
Published: 2 November 2015
Her first day on the job in CID and Jill is thrust into one of the most serious murder cases to hit Croydon. A mutilated body is discovered on the top deck of the one-nine-seven bus. Is this an isolated incident, or the start of something more sinister? J....
ISBN: 9781788760775
Published: 20 October 2017