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A play set against a backdrop of the eighties miner's strike in Yorkshire. Two young teenagers friendship is tested to the limit when one of their parents decide to cross the picket line. There are lots of nostalgic references to 80's pop culture in this ....
ISBN: 9781786976147
Published: 9 March 2018
A book packed with monologues, script extracts and activities for children of all ages. The Drama Pot has been written by a drama teacher with over twenty years experience which includes heading up a performing arts faculty in a secondary school, GCSE and....
ISBN: 9781788762595
Published: 24 February 2018
Claire has everything, a nice house, a baby on the way, and Steve a perfect husband... or so she thinks. However, her sister and three old school friends know the truth. They all meet at Claire’s house, a reunion organised by her sister Dee. Only Dee is l....
ISBN: 9781788766050
Published: 16 November 2018