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Helen Kemp has so far written two books for children aged 7 to 11, and a poetry book called From the Dales to the Army and Back - released in April 2017. Carrots and Calamities at Christmas was published in paperback by FeedaRead in October 2016. Set in her native Wensleydale, it is a Christmas Eve story about two donkeys, a goat and a pony. Helen was an Animal Welfare Officer at The Jonas Centre in Redmire,North Yorkshire and was inspired to write this book around the personalities of the animals in her care. It is a wonderful Christmassey tale showing the importance of friendship. Murphy's Incredible Journey, published by Feedaread in October 2015, is based around the disappearance of Murphy, a Siberian Husky who was stolen from Bradford in early December, 2014 and found three months later in Manchester by the RSPCA. Murphy's Incredible Journey is a fictional story although there are a few elements of reality in the book. All of Helen's royalties from this book will be donated to animal charities. From the Dales to the Army and Back is a small collection of poems based on her experiences of thirty or so years with the British military. This book details her life, in poetry, from the moments she started to think about leaving home in Wensleydale to the present date. Helen is a major animal lover and is fascinated by the thought of animals communicating with each other, and this theme runs through both of her children's books.

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It's Christmas Eve and Fudge (the goat) is fed up of being left out of the Christmas preparations by Muffin and Marcus (the donkeys), and Sally (the pony). He decides to leave his home at Green Tree Animal Park to find some new friends. But he ends up in ....
ISBN: 9781786973641
Published: 12 October 2016
From the Dales to the Army and Back is a small collection of poems from Helen Kemp who was brought up in Wensleydale and who decided to join the army when she was eighteen. These poems are based on her experiences and observations of thirty four years of ....
ISBN: 9781786977786
Published: 19 April 2017