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Here we have an individual who has abandoned a conventional and conservative path in search of authenticity, creativity and healing. One time teacher of Maths & Science, Irish born Caroline Cunningham now presents herself as an artist, writer, holistic therapist and student of the 'art' of singing. Travel has been a stimulating factor in prompting the public display of Caroline’s creative works, with travel in India prompting her first exhibition of paintings. It was travels in Peru that stirred Caroline’s writing side like never before. A novel emerged while on her first trip to Peru. The story was completed after four months of continuous writing. Unfamiliar with the world of publishing at that time, Caroline returned to Peru the following year and this time remained for 9 weeks in order to become acquainted with the culture while learning the language and getting to know the residents of a small heritage town near Machu Picchu. During this second visit to Peru, Caroline started her first blog detailing her journey in there. Her blogs received some acclaim in Ireland blog awards in subsequent years. With much positive reaction from her readers, Caroline set about learning the ins and outs of self-publishing and the effective use of social media marketing. Caroline’s creative writing is romantic and poetic in style and compassionate in nature. Caroline also writes on the topic of anxiety and self-care, encouraging others to seek ways to improve their life experience and to follow their own authentic paths. You can discover more about this authors writing, artwork and holistic therapy (Authentic Reflexology) at

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This simple guide has been created to prepare you for your journey towards a calmer and more capable you. Anxiety (including panic attacks) can have such a negative impact in our lives and can prevent us from reaching our true potential.It is never too la....
ISBN: 9781786979179
Published: 2 August 2017
These poems inspired by walks along the beaches in Irelands Sunny South East or amongst trees or while admiring the fullness of the moon from a city rooftop. Even travel to far away lands have lent inspiration. These poems represent our connectivity with ....
ISBN: 9781786977144
Published: 9 March 2017