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Richard is a prize-winning author of short stories. His tales are unconventional and are written in a unique style which blends elements of sci-fi, supernatural, gothic and fantasy alongside gritty reality. He describes his inspiration as coming from 'anything that moves'. His work has been published as a contribution to anthologies and now, for the first time, in a dedicated collection 'Life's Tapestry'. After a career in IT and Business Consulting he took early retirement in 2013 to be free to devote more time to writing. He lives in Bratton in Wiltshire with his wife June and their son Paul as well as a lively company of cats, dogs and chickens. He is regularly visited by hedgehogs.

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How do you persuade a dinosaur to stop eating the roses and making holes in the lawn?What do you do when another driver cuts you up on the motorway?What to do when your father's grave gets greenfly.What's it really like to be a writer?What do horses talk ....
ISBN: 9781786973320
Published: 30 September 2016