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I am married with two sons, and live close enough to Heathrow Airport to count the rivets on the undersides of the planes as they come in to land. I've been an avid reader of fiction ever since I was old enough to own a torch. As a schoolboy I virtually lived in Narnia, and as I got older, I got into historical fiction - particularly Phillipa Gregory, Susan Kay, C J Sansom and the Flashman Papers. I love creative writing myself, and have written Book and Lyrics for three full-scale Musicals, all of which have been performed locally. There have also been two plays, some dubious-quality poetry and several short stories. And now I have upcycled the plot of one of the Musicals into The Witchfinder's Well, a full-length fantasy historical fiction novel (now available on Feed-A-Read and as an e\book on Amazon). For more info and to sign up to my mailing list for news on The Witchfinder's Well and the Justine Parker Tudor series, please go to

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Tudor England in the reign of good Queen Bess - a time when a young unmarried gentleman like Sir William de Beauvais can amuse himself by hunting, drinking and making love with abandon. So much so that his aristocratic mother despairs that he will ever fi....
ISBN: 9781786107183
Published: 3 February 2016