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I wanted to write novels when I was young but a novel wrote me. In this my autobiography, I write about my upbringing in the north of England during the sixties and seventies, the seven years I spent working and studying in London in the eighties, the fiv....
ISBN: 9781839452529
Published: 25 March 2020
This is a satirical novella, written in the mid 90's, which, like all good satire, has a great deal of relevance today, because it deals with the eternal verities. It is, as it should be, cuttingly funny and, despite its brevity, it contains a lot of wit ....
ISBN: 9781786979346
Published: 21 August 2017
This is a novella about southern Spain, and particularly the province of Almeria, where the land is filled with vast greenhouses covered in plastic sheeting, whose owners employ mainly African immigrants, many of whom are illegal. The novel involves one s....
ISBN: 9781839452642
Published: 23 April 2020