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Born in Boscombe, Dorset in 1977. I have always had a passion for 3 things, books, music and people. Having worked in music retail for 10 years I was able to immerse myself in music both at work and at home which was a joy. My other interest being people and helping them, I eventually moved onto carework and have spent the last 7 years looking after the elderly and troubled, both in their own homes and now as the supervisor of a large care home. I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and am currently training to be a counsellor. Having had aspirations of being a writer since very early in my life, I started to write poetry as an outlet for various issues I have suffered from throughout the years, such as depression and I finally put over 400 poems on my blog in 2011. Throughout my life, music has always provided an inspiration, a support and a soundtrack to my life and I have always been interested in different people and their musical taste, so in the summer of 2011 I came up with the idea for the novel I am now writing, Twenty Twelve (20 songs, 12 memorable months) and this novel combines both my love of music and my passion for human emotion.

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From the age of 17 I used writing as a way of dealing with emotions that I found difficult to manage. I always felt like I was in a bubble where I couldn't relate to many others around me. Years later I realised that this was due to suffering from depress....
ISBN: 9781781761250
Published: 15 March 2012
Following on from my poetry collection 'Words from a fragile mind' is my newest collection 'Words from a heavy heart' this is a series of poems inspired by the many feelings that love creates. Love is the one thing in the world that I believe in and is hi....
ISBN: 9781781762912
Published: 2 May 2012