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Having worked with a galaxy of stars from Ronnie Barker to James Burke - Rick Stein to John Pilger - Spike Milligan to Monty Python and mixed many classic comedy shows including: The Two Ronnies, The Goodies, Only Fools and Horses, Spike Milligan's Q9, Open All Hours and To The Manor Born as well as loads of major TV dramas, animations, documentaries, and having picked up BAFTA and RTS awards on the way - Paul decided to write a book. It made him laugh and enjoy the adventure - so take a look into a very silly mind and enjoy reading it too.

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Not far from where you live, a mere several billion miles away, spins the great moon Maurice Minor. Spinning slowly with the moon is Ade, the landlord of its only pub – The Minor's Arms. Owning a pub is all very fine but Ade's life is about to change, and....
ISBN: 9781839451164
Published: 11 December 2019
Every door has a beginning, and every door has a memory of that beginning. Tucked away in his reclamation yard, in a barn as old as history itself, William Luscombe has a door frame that allows any door placed in it to open into the time that it was first....
ISBN: 9781803025834
Published: 29 July 2022