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25 more tales with as many twists and unexpected endings as there was in my first volume of fantastic tales. As before they all contain a common theme and unless your imaginative thought processes are as convoluted as mine, after each you will undoubtedly....
ISBN: 9781786979438
Published: 21 August 2017
This is the almost true story of an ordinary Irish lass by the name of Tessie Cleary and her family. Almost true as except for the Cleary clan and their extended family, most of the other names in the tale are fictional. This also applies to many of the e....
ISBN: 9781786974587
Published: 11 November 2016
Perhaps you don’t believe in ghosts, monsters and other mythical creatures? Or maybe the jury is still out regarding their existence. If you harbour any doubts at all then perhaps the tales you find within this book may help you decide. First of all, let ....
ISBN: 9781786970695
Published: 14 June 2016