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Geraldine was a poet and a free spirit. She died in January 2016. One of her dearest friends was asked by one of her three sons to conduct the final edit on Maggie and The Stone Egg - a task Geraldine was unable to complete herself. All royalties from this book will be going to her son and executor, Colin E Aldridge, who will then arrange donations to be sent to Geraldine's favourite causes and charities. If you are reading this biography, Geraldine's family and friends sincerely hope you enjoyed/will enjoy Maggie and the Stone Egg.

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Maggie has been chosen to save the world. She is the special child mentioned in a mysterious ancient legend - a legend that asks a great deal of her - sometimes more that she feels she can manage alone. Luckily, there are six other children in the family ....
ISBN: 9781786972019
Published: 4 August 2016