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Frank is a retired Engineer. Born in Hereford, he spent most of his working life in England where he was employed by UK based multi-national companies. His interest in the shared history of Ireland and the Welsh Marches was aroused by a visit to a ruined castle near his home and the discovery of the connection with the Mortimer’s of Wigmore in Herefordshire. This lead to the realisation that many of the leading participants in the Norman occupation of Ireland in the twelfth century already had well established land holdings in Herefordshire and adjacent counties. He lives with Freda, his wife since 1963, in Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland. Connect with Frank on Facebook and on his website Frank's most recent work is a contemporary novel about social change. A drunken romp in the back of a car in 1973 leads to an unwanted pregnancy that four people conspire to conceal. One becomes an MP, one a journalist, one a soap star. The fourth conspirator becomes mentor to the soap star. Forty years later the secret threaten the MP's career. A powerful mixture of political intrigue, sexual deviation, and people trafficking, Transgression is a thought provoking study of changing social attitudes. Like Strongblow's Wife, Transgression is available in digital and soft-back editions. The award winning Irish author and playwright, John McKenna, called it “a wonderfully absorbing story with characters who came alive and a narrative that really carried me through the book” Frank Parker has two previous novels available only as e-books: Honest Hearts. Two people of Irish descent fall in love in North America at the start of the twentieth century. What is the secret from her past that ensures the failure of their relationship? What if they meet again twenty years later? And how will either react to the discovery of the daughter she gave up for adoption all those years ago? Summer Day. At the start of a long hot day in July 1947 a young boy shoots his father. How will he cope with the consequences? What will the rest of the family, and their friends in the small rural community they inhabit, do? Two collections are also available as e-books: A Way With Words and Prompt Responses, as is the Non-Fiction work An Accidental Discovery: Piecing together the history of man-made climate change.

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How much do you know about the act of treachery that gave rise to the centuries long conflict between Ireland and the English? A century after the Norman conquest of England, the men entrusted with suppressing the Welsh were invited to bring peace to Irel....
ISBN: 9781786109910
Published: 18 May 2016