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Carol Fenlon’s first novel, Consider The Lilies, the story of a feral child, won the Impress Novel Prize 2007 and was published in 2008. Carol’s short stories, articles and reviews have appeared in small press and mainstream magazines and journals and anthologies. Her local history volume titled Skelmersdale: A New Town in the Making was launched in June 2014 and is now almost sold out. She is a creative writing tutor and mentor and holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Edge Hill university where she is on the editorial board of the journal Short Fiction in Theory and Practice. Carol lives in Skelmersdale, Lancashire and can be found at Triple Death is Carol’s first venture into self publishing with FeedAread.

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15 year old Bernie McCann is a typical teenager growing up in 1960s Liverpool. A rag and bone man's daughter from a large but poor family, she dreams of fame and fortune as a pop singer. It's a dream shared by most young girls but when she meets Peter, th....
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Published: 7 October 2019
People come to Plotlands to escape but few seem to stay very long. Graham makes a fresh start after murdering his wife but can a leopard change its spots?Jack hides from his biker gang in the backwater of Plotlands but then another biker moves in next doo....
ISBN: 9781786974631
Published: 17 November 2016
Triple Death... in the eponymous title, Peggy hides her grisly secret for decades but when a body is turned up on local mossland it won't be long till she is called to account. In these twelve twisted tales you are invited to explore the dark corners of t....
ISBN: 9781786971364
Published: 7 July 2016