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S F Hiscock is writing off-beat, blood and guts action drama with a side order of comedy and occasional nudity. Adding a healthy pinch of understated philosophising and a desire to re-present history in a tangible way, he hopes to offer compelling stories that excite and enthral readers. With his unique mash-ups of fact and fiction that are coloured with nuances of horror, humour and plenty of realistic action sequences, Sean's books delve into a world of fantasy and reality that teem with poetic tenderness and descriptive, evocative writing. The Greenest Down is his first novel.

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At an isolated fort on the coast of England, danger is coming. Is it the ghosts of the past that threaten the lives of the inhabitants or something new that will come to plague their existence? The Greenest Down is a ghostly, historical action drama set o....
ISBN: 9781786972118
Published: 4 August 2016