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Jeremiah Wade Williamson was born August 29th, 1977, in Huntington, WV, and was raised on a small farm on the outskirts of the town of Wayne, WV. His parents were farmers, and his father was a small business owner, as well, in the construction industry. He is happily married, and often wonders what he would do without his wonderful wife, and has two sons; the older of which already shows a great talent in art that his father is immensely proud of. He is currently possessed of two Bachelor's degrees, and a Master's of Arts in Sociology. He works within his field while simultaneously working on various writing projects, both solo and in conjunction with his friend and co-author of "The Dragon's Passage" series, Samir Abdel-Aziz. While his educational background has pointed his future towards a career in education and social research, his first love has always been literature. Whether it's a well-written dissertation on social theory or law, historical texts, or a myriad of different genres in fiction, he can be found with his nose buried in a book. Jeremiah's love of literature, and his dream of joining the ranks of those wonderful authors, is the driving force behind his work in creating worlds for readers to escape to, and enjoy.

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Honor, courage, and heroism. These are the traits valued above all else by the Reesyk people. For Eirik, a half-Reesyk warrior seeking to take his trials to become a true Reesyk warrior, these ideals are put to the test as he discovers that not all within....
ISBN: 9781786971401
Published: 7 July 2016