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HI, My name is Elise Hayden. I started writing my first book Forbidden love when I was nineteen years old and back then the characters were called Monica, Alex and Elliott. Monica's mum was a french nurse and she had looked after her dad, a solder who had been injured. This dramatically changed relating to names and careers etc and I started the book again so many times as my style of writing changed. Finally as I reached my forties, I found the book and thought to myself, how much I would regret it if I got to the end of my life and never fulfilled my dream --- the rest is history :) I have now penned the two novels, have two more on the go plus a selection of children's stories my husband is illustrating. Follow me on Facebook or

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Chloe Baker and Megan Priestley have been best friends since they were eight years old and throughout the years they become inseparable. As the girls progress through their teenage years, Chloe becomes obsessed with Logan, Megan’s father, who is happily m....
ISBN: 9781839454608
Published: 18 September 2020
At the age of twelve, Helen Mitchell loses her father to bowel cancer. She always dreamed of being a nurse and at the age of eighteen, she started training to pursue her career. David Thomas was handsome, funny and he adored her, and to everybody around t....
ISBN: 9781786976239
Published: 13 January 2017
Second Chances is the conclusion to the book ‘Forbidden Love’. As Helen struggles to come to terms with Marcus’s sudden departure, David reappears to help try and mend her broken heart. As she completes her nurse training, she makes the decision as to who....
ISBN: 9781786975461
Published: 13 January 2017
You have discovered the diary of Tabitha Evans. Should you pick it up? Should you look in it? It’s private though isn’t it? But this could have the answers … this could hold the key as to why a bubbly 12 year old has become so withdrawn and what you suspe....
ISBN: 9781803027906
Published: 9 April 2023