Twenty-One, An Anthology of Erotica, by C. C. Pipe is a compilation of racy, highly-charged stories of a sexual nature. All stories are by C. C. Pipe, a contemporary author. Whether the erotic stories of C.C. Pipe are fiction or fact matters not to most readers. The tales unapologetically depict the adventures of a loving husband in touch with his bisexuality and his hotwife. A wide array of other participants populates the direct, sometimes harsh, depictions of sexuality on the edge. Rest assured, only consenting adults are involved. Over Twenty-one. There is also always a safe word readily at hand, should it be required. C.C. Pipe never minces words. Other than the “word of last resort,” there are no other safe words in this compilation. The straightforward style is not for everyone. But then again, no work of literature ever is. Even the classics sometimes leave something missing. And, as the saying goes, it takes different strokes for different folks. Romance sometimes finds its way into the mix but is never saccharine or cloying. Humorous notes pepper the work, as well, however never detract from the hard-core nature of the oeuvre, and the visceral intention of each story. As the reader progresses through the compendium, characters enjoyed in previous chapters will oft reappear and help make possibly unusual events a bit more familiar, as though an old friend were guiding us on a journey of discovery. Some have compared C.C. Pipe’s erotic writings to a trip master leading us through a psychedelic experience. Prepare to examine your deepest desires, acknowledge your “lines in the sand,” and explore the fantastic threads of the human sexual tapestry. And, by all means, enjoy yourself!
ISBN: 9781839455520
Type: Paperback
Pages: 166
Published: 7 November 2020
Price: $11.99

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